*RayeRaye's Corner* 

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About me....

So who is Raye and why does this site exist?


Who am I? I'm RayeRaye! XD But, in short, I’m into anime, manga, Japanese culture and gaming and have been since the 90's. I got into making costumes thereafter and have been ‘cosplaying’ for almost ten years, I also dabble in the odd purchased commissioned outfit when it’s a more cost effective alternative (cosplay – also known as ‘costume play’ is about dressing up as a character and portraying that character). 

Beyond the cosplay persona I’m actually quite a normal gal! I have a full time job in PR, have a house and a husband (as well as two little kitties), love a party, and above all, I know to make the best of any situation. I annoyingly have a positive outlook on life, despite going through some very tough times. Life’s what you make of it right?


So why does this site exist? Well, I made this site to help people who come to me through social media with cosplay questions and who just want to learn a bit more about me and this crazy culture. I had a help page many moons ago with reviews, blog, a Q&A and just general advice (typically around anime) so I thought it was about time I started one up again! Particularly as not everyone has a social media account.


As aforementioned, I've had a great fondness for Japanese culture ever since I was little, it’s always been my dream to go to Japan and I finally got my chance in March 2018. 

My hobbies keep me preoccupied 24/7, because I like watching anime, reading manga, drawing, dressmaking and gaming and travelling to conventions when I can – so I’m happy to chat to others about the same interests or even to introduce people to genres or even other communities. 


Essentially I don’t want anyone to feel like they are alone with these interests (because I’ve been there), so I really do just want to bring people together and if I can, give people a confidence boost!

Cosplay talks, appearances and masquerade running/judging!

I've been booked for cosplay talks and to judge and run masquerades such as the Norwich Gaming Festival in Norwich (two masquerades and a guest appearance) and Manga Norfolk (cosplay talk and masquerade). I personally run community events in and around Norfolk to raise money for charities through my group AniMedia East. I am happy to make any appearances at an event or cover any radio or tv requests too (as I have been on tv and radio for my full time job!). So if you need any help in these areas, feel free to contact me :)