*RayeRaye's Corner* 

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"Cosplayer, gamer, anime/manga fan, draws, dances, with a little bit of crazy on the side..."

Hello and welcome to my little site!

My name is Raye, but people also know me as RayeRaye as well as RayeRayeChan and sometimes even Raye-chan.

I set up this little ‘corner’ to offer cosplay advice and and for somewhere to write about my latest interests.

My blog holds news on my adventures and also my own personal reviews, as and when I make time to write things up of course.

There is more information about what makes me tick in 'about me', but in a nutshell I've been cosplaying for almost 10 years and I also run a little group called AniMedia East in East Anglia. 

I've taken part in many conventions across the country and am available to run masquerades or even as a guest / cosplay help desk (as I have done with events like the Norwich Gaming Festival). 

In the meantime, feel free to read through my blog or contact me if you have any queries. 


Thanks so much!


Raye x

My CMV - When Can I See You Again? By Raye + Dom 

My AMV - Down - Garnet and Zidane - Final Fantasy IX